13-Year-Old Australian Attacked by Shark

By on October 17, 2014

Australia’s been in the news a lot lately … not for its tasty meat pies or world tour surfers about to lose the world title, but for shark attacks. Lots of them. This time the victim, 13 year old Kirra-belle OIsen, survived an attack which occurred yesterday morning at Avoca Beach on the Central east coast of Australia. While surfing, she suffered bites to her foot and a deep wound to her calf and made it to the beach on her own account, and was then taken to nearby Gosford Hospital. Authorities reported the shark (unknown species at this time) to be smaller, about 3 feet in length, but burly enough to cause significant non-life-threatening injuries to the young surfer. While shark attacks in Australia are fairly common, shark attacks at Avoca Beach are not. We pray for Kirra’s speedy recovery and hope she’s back in the water surfing soon!

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