3 of the Most Frustrating Things in Pro Surfing

By on October 2, 2014

Nothing’s perfect, we get that. But nothing’s more frustrating in the world of surfing then some basic mistakes that they keep on making. Here we take a look at three of the most frustrating things in the world of professional surfing. Not that we’re going to lose any sleep over it, but geez!

1. South Africa’s abbreviation as ZAF. What the heck? When USA’s abbreviation is USA, Australia’s abbreviation is AUS and Hawaii’s is HAW, why can’t South Africa’s simply be SA? Whenever we see Jordy Smith or Travis Logie with the abbreviation ZAF next to their name, it’s a little frustrating. What’s the “Z” even stand for? Zimbabwe?

2. It’s Gabriel Medina NOT Gabrielle Medina. The Australian commentators are always calling Gabriel Gabrielle. It’s an easy fix, right? Wrong. They do it time and again. From Rosie Hodge to Ronnie Blakey and to other Australian surfers, the most recent being Taj who called him, yep, Gabrielle. It’s a long A, not a short A. I always think of Laird Hamilton’s wife when they say this. It’s Gabe as in Gabriel. Not Gab as in Gabrielle. Fix it!

3. Hawaii as its own Country. Last I checked Hawaii was part of the USA. It’s been for a long time, too. But in pro surfing it appears to be its own country. It’s this separation of state that leaves the US feeling less of a man in the world of pro surfing. After all, most of the Hawaiians on tour have blond hair. And no one has a Hawaiian last name. John John should represent USA. Seabass should represent USA. Even Freddy P should. If they simply referred to Hawaii as a state, and put it in there with the USA, the USA would have one of the strongest groups on the world tour. But yet they still separate them and it’s a little frustrating.

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