Alex Gray is an American Psycho

By on October 13, 2014

Now that winter’s finally starting to show its teeth, we take a look at one of the most versatile surfers in the world. A surfer who is just as comfortable charging Pipe as he is Mavericks, Alex Gray. A surfer who is just as comfortable surfing his beloved South Bay as he is some desolate reef far to the North. Some might say he’s Psycho, but that’s only half the truth. We say he’s an American Psycho. Check out him and his buddy Timmy Reyes’ latest edit ‘Luckless Pedestrian’ as they pack their boards and head far north beyond the Golden Gate bridge to surf unchartered terrain all by their lonesome. It’s amazing what Alex is capable of doing in a 5 mil wetsuit, hood and booties. He’s truly psycho.

Luckless Pedestrian from Turkeymelt on Vimeo.

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