Arto Saari’s Match Made in Hel(sinki) Contest

By on October 16, 2014

Professional skater Arto Saari is having a web contest in which seven lucky skaters will get to skate with him and a couple other pros inside the Helsinki Airport. Talk about video games coming to life! According to the Match Made in Hel website, “The Arto Saari Invitational is a two-day private session with Arto and his world-class crew at Helsinki Airport with access to totally unique skate spots. Follow the session as Arto and 7 other skaters get together to test the fast connection between East and West.” So far, five winners have been announced, including Matt Berger, Hiroyuki Matsuo, Kasperi Kropsu, Andreas Larsen and Goshya Konyshev and two more winners are expected to be announced any day. Follow the event at Match Made in Hel.

Check out Arto’s invite video below …

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