Behold!! The Million Dollar Surfboard?

By on October 6, 2014

With the going rate of nearly $800 for a top of the line surfboard made of foam and fiberglass, surfboards are expensive as it is. But when you compare it to this board priced at 1.3 million dollars, you’ve got to ask yourself one thing: is the price crazy or is the person asking for that much money crazy? We’ll say both. The mad man behind this far too expensive board is a shaper from New Zealand named Roy Stuart. Shaped from Paulwonia wood, it’s a 10’6″ longboard that, according to his blog, is meant to be ridden rather than placed in the Smithsonian. “We begin by modeling a prospective surfboard based on what we want it to do,” Stuart says. “How big must the hull be to accomplish its task? How will lower wave frequencies be handled, and how fast will we go? This process is devoid of any aesthetic considerations.” Whatever he says about it, we’ll say this: No one is going to buy it anytime soon, regardless of how bitchin’ it is. Maybe that $800 Merrick sitting in your local surf shop doesn’t sound so expensive after all, and we’re sure it works better. Go figure.

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