Could “Marie” be So Cal’s BIGGEST HURRICANE EVER?

By on August 24, 2014

If you thought we had some big surf from Hurricane Lowell this week in So Cal, just wait till this coming Thursday. Hurricane Marie is off the Mexico coast with sustained winds in the 100 mph+ plus range and is expected to grow to a category 5 with sustained winds of 150mph with gusts to 180!! That is crazy. What’s different about Marie from Lowell is that the storm track is much further to the north than Lowell was. Lowel tracked pretty much WNW, bee-lining toward Hawaii, while Hurricane Marie is tracking straight NW, closer to the US Mainland than Lowell ever dreamed. What this means for us is potentially huge surf along south facing beaches. We’re talking HEAVY surf, up to 30-foot at the Wedge and a solid 8-10+ at south facing breaks. Throw in a southern hemi swell and some NW windswell and it could literally be the Mother of all Hurricanes, and the biggest storm we’ve seen in a billion years. Well, maybe not. But it’s going to wipe memories of Lowell off the map. Stay tuned to ASM for more info as we get it.

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