Dad Saves Five Kids from Shark in Hawaii

By on October 20, 2014

Seems like there’s a new shark attack every week. One day it’s in Australia, the next South Africa, and the next in Hawaii. Well, this is one attack that could’ve been really bad. It all started with Maui surfer Kaleo Roberson taking his three groms, Justin, Stevie and Eric, and two of their friends out for a surf on the south shore at a spot called Maalaea. The water was a little murky thanks to Tropical Storm Ana the day before, but they were on it and having a heck of a time. Kaleo was just about to push his youngest son into a wave when he noticed the water “splittling” in the channel, and before he knew it, a Tiger Shark was in his grill with its mouth open and going in for the kill. Instinct took over as Kaleo shoved a new surfboard in its mouth and shouted at the top of his lungs. By this time the kids were headed to the beach, and all made it to the safety of the shore in one piece. No doubt, it’s a story for the record books, for as far as we know, no father has ever saved five little kids from a shark by shoving a surfboard into its mouth. As you can see from the photo, this wasn’t a small shark. In the meantime, the beach was closed and authorities are looking for the shark in question.

Photo by Tai VanDyke via instagram @tai_vandyke

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