The GoPro Generation: the Future of Surf Photography

By on August 15, 2014

It’s Thursday morning at the Wedge in Orange County, California, and already a dozen kids are bobbing around the lineup, GoPros in hand, hoping to capture a special moment they can share with their friends on their Instagram. A lucky few might have their shots published in magazines, a couple others might print postcards and a few might upload their shots to photo sharing websites like

These kids go about their business like any other professional photographer but they’re just kids, 12 and 13 years old, and they’re more concerned with how many likes they get on their social media than how much money they make from selling them. But don’t kid yourself. This is the GoPro Generation and they are dead set on making it big in the world of photography. They are the future of surf photography. The next Clark Littles. The future Robbie Crawfords. Because the GoPro is so easy to use it’s allowing these young photo rats to emulate their surf photography heroes, much like how a little league baseball player might look up to Mike Trout, or how an aspiring golfer looks up to Ricky Fowler. But photo pros like Clark Little and Robbie Crawford don’t have to look over their shoulders just yet. These kids are still groms. They’ve still got their high school years to deal with. Girls will start taking up some of their time. Whether or not they become the future photographer they hope to be is beside the point. For now, they’re just kids taking photos. And they’re doing it pretty damn well.
Photo by 13-year-old Strider Snead. Follow Strider on Instagram @unknown_dna to check out more of his fabulous photos.

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