How to Stalk the World’s Most Famous Action Sports Athletes

By on October 1, 2014

There was once a time in this world when it was nearly impossible to reach or even see your favorite pro athlete. Unless you were in the right spot and the right time, meaning in the lineup surfing, at a skatepark skating or on the hill snowboarding, it was virtually impossible to know what they were up to. Back in the day you’d have to wait until an article came out in the magazines to get a clue about them. But that all changed with the internet, and changed again with Social Media. Now, from the comfort of your smart phone, you can tap into their world just about every day, if not every fifteen seconds.

Here’s a look at some of the top pro athletes and their Instagram accounts so you can stalk them whenever you feel like it ….

ks@kellyslater you’ll find photos of his dog, the food he likes, places he’s been and sometimes a sick surf photo. He rants quite a bit so this is one of the better professional athlete instagrams out there. Plus, he’s a good writer and always has some great insight on his life as a legendary pro surfer.

th@TonyHawk you’ll find photos of his family, his charity work, shots of him surfing, TV appearances and announcements for upcoming events and autograph signings. He is the world’s most famous skateboarder and you can stalk him all day, every day.

sw@ShaunWhite likes to post everyday photos from his life, such as photos of his dog, travel pics and a ton of selfies. He doesn’t post many photos of him snowboarding or skateboarding, but that’s not what his Instagram is about. It’s about getting an inside look into his world, and he invites you along for the ride. Start stalking now!

anas@AnastasiaAshley posts a lot of selfies, but of the good kind. The world class surfer/model is usually in a two piece bikini and rarely has a bad day on her social media account. She’s got half a million followers and gets about 10,000 new ones everyday, so if you stalk her, it’s not that big of a deal. Thousands of others are doing it, too.

rd@RobDyrdek is one of the funniest cats around who posts a lot of funny pics. He likes to post shocking photos, whether he’s wearing a funny costume and striking a classic pose. He also posts a lot of selfies with other celebrities and while he doesn’t take his Instagram account too seriously, 2.1 million followers might disagree. Stalk him today, he’ll be stoked you did!

rs@Shecks aka Ryan Sheckler is a fun one to stalk. While the legendary skater has a ton of copycat accounts, and just as many hater accounts, there’s never a dull moment on his personal Instagram. He likes to post random shots, maybe he’s golfing one day, or skating the next, or hanging out in his undies. He’s always on the case, posting photos from his travels, his friends and reposts from his fans. He’s a fun one to stalk, fer’ sure!


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