Is This the Worst Skateboard Invention Ever?

By on September 30, 2014

It’s one thing to mess around with your skateboard by taking an inner tube and wrapping it around the bottom and jumping up and down. But it’s also cheating. It doesn’t help you improve and it looks pretty lame. Which is why you don’t see the practice of innertubing going down at your local skatepark. But one company thinks the opposite. They feel the innertube method has a place in skateboarding and has gone so far as to create a company around the concept. Hence the “Krainkin Skateboard.” Oh boy. What can we say other than we hope this is a joke? Take a look at the concept video below and judge for yourself. But then again, who knows, maybe some dude with a million trillion dollars will invest and take this board to the next level, meaning it might just end up in every Walmart in the country, and then who would be laughing then? The inventor. But for now, we’ll just chuckle to ourselves.

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