JOB’s Soft Top “Transfer” at Pumping Wedge

By on August 28, 2014

Leave it to Hawaii’s Jamie O’Brien to do something out of the ordinary and So Cal’s most out of the ordinary wave, the Wedge in Newport Beach. While many Californians were pouring their first and second cups of coffee this morning, JOB was out at the Wedge on not one but two surfboards: a shortboard and a soft top. Why two boards? It’s a move Jamie invented a few years ago at Pipe called the “Transfer” in which he takes off on one board, and switches to another halfway through the ride. Why does he do it? Maybe it’s because he’s been barrelled all over the world and simply wants to do something nobody else is doing. Not that anyone else would really want to do it. That’s why the Transfer is JOB’s signature move. Check out the clip below by Verb TV ….

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