Kelly Slater: 42 going on … 540?

By on October 17, 2014

Although Slats might not be the most popular aerial surfer in the world in 2014, he will be for the next few weeks, that is, until someone like Felipe, Medina, Julian or John John outdoes the 11X world champ with a magical air of their own. But for now, it’s all about this 540 rotator that Slater spun around 720 style during a freesurf in Portugal during a lay day for the Rip Curl Pro. Slater (wearing a Volcom wetsuit!) stunned and shocked the world of surfing again leaving us with another question about the King of Surfing: How in the heck does he do it? Can he keep improving? Will he ever stop? We don’t know, we hope so, and we hope not. Check it out below!

KELLY 540º @ PENICHE – 17 OCTOBER 2014 from Surftotal TV on Vimeo.

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