When Men Were Men and Cars Broke Down

By on October 16, 2014

Wanna see some classic surf cars from back in the day? Check it out right here, thanks to our friends at the Encyclopedia of Surfing. Don’t mind the song, it’s not that good. It’s funny, just not that great. But do get a good look at some of these classic cars surfers used to drive in the 1960s and 1970s. They weren’t worried about how many miles to the gallon they got. They didn’t worry about whether or not they had A/C, leather seats or ewven seat belts for that matter. All surfers then cared about was that the cars could move them from one spot to the next. Yeah, the broke down a lot, but surfers back then didn’t cry about it and call Triple AAA. This was a time when men were men. They simply fixed them, no questions asked. And if they lost a day of travel time, or missed the swell, they didn’t trip. They’d be on it next time. After all, crowds weren’t much a worry in these days either.

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