Netherlands to Jump in on the Wave Pool Party

By on August 20, 2014

Surfing has been growing rapidly all over the world the last ten years. From wave pools to tidal bores and standing waves in rivers all over the world, surfing is no longer for those who live near a beach with real ocean waves. The city of Rotterdam announced this week its plans to open the country’s first legitimate wave pool in the Steigersgracht canal. Featuring a five -foot wave, the city hopes to attract water enthusiasts across the board, including kayakers, scuba divers, bodyboarders and of course surfers.

The company at the helm of this massive undertaking is Rifo10 who secured 4.8 million dollars from the city after pitching its proposal for an attraction that would draw more tourists to the city. And the wave pool will certainly do that. Whether or not it draws the ASP World Tour is up for question but one thing is for certain: more surfers will be heading to the little town of Rotterdam to check it out. The resort is scheduled to be open by June 15, 2015. (Yeah, right!)

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