Nike Drops Snowboarding Program

By on September 26, 2014

Nike’s tried it all. Surf, snow and skate. First Nike got into the world of surfing and drummed up one of the most badass surf teams in the world. They sponsored pro events, kicked down millions in endorsements and bascially killed it. But it didn’t last long. They saw that there wasn’t much return in the world of surf that pays more loyalty to core surf brands. And so they ditched the surf world because, well, it just wasn’t working. And so they went into the snowboarding world, producing millions of snowboard boots and secured some of the biggest names in the sport. And it went well for a while, but, like in surfing, snowboarders were more loyal to traditional snowboarding brands. They were too smart. Nike wasn’t going to buy their way into this one. And thus this week Nike pulled their snow program once and for all just as their 2014/15 product has hit store shelves. That said, Nike will focus on skateboarding, which happens to be the biggest slice of the pie anyway since skateboarding shoes remain the hottest commodity and skaters aren’t as brand loyal as surfers and snowboarders. As for the snow team, they will pay out their team until their contracts expire, and will still support them however they can with skate shoes and whatever non-snow product they can. Our only questions is this: What are they going to do with that helicopter??

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