Now Trending in the World of Skate: 8/12/14

By on August 12, 2014

Seems like things never stop rolling in the world of skateboarding! Here’s some of the latest and greatest news from around the world.

Montreal’s Peace Park Lifts Ban on Skateboarding. It’s always good to see the general public, and City officials around the world lifting bans on skateboarding. Take Peace Park in Montreal for example. Once considered one of the riskiest places to skate in North America, Peace Park now has signs officially “allowing skateboarding.” Check out the complete article right here.

Partnership Between “Battling” Organizations Brings Skateboarding One Step Closer to Olympics!! Just like every other sport, one organization has the need to be the official voice of the sport it represents. In baseball it’s the MLB, in soccer it’s FIFA and in surfing it’s the ISA. But skateboarding’s always had a couple organizations battling it out for the number one spot: Street League Skateboarding and the ISF (International Skateboarding Federation. But arguing will never get either of them into the Olympics, and there’s always more power when forces combine. So the two have joined forces in order to be officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee. The agreement brings the sport of skateboarding one step closer to Olympic recognition and participation. You can read all the details of the partnership right here.

Bristish Surfing Museum to Save Iconic Skate Park! It’s funny how things work out. First surfers introduced the world to skateboarding in the 1960s, and now surfers are once again returning the favor in the UK, offering to save an iconic skateboarding program from being axed at a youth club. It’s a classic story of riders saving riders. You can check out the story right here.


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