A Push to De-Criminalize Skateboarding in Montreal

By on October 27, 2014

For years now, skateboarders have gotten the short end of the stick from the long arm of the law. Ticketed for skateboarding on city streets, it’s almost ridiculous. Skating around is healthy, it’s great for the environment and to be honest, skaters aren’t a bunch of thugs looking for trouble. With exception to a few broken potted plants here and there, skaters almost always carry themselves well. Yet still they are getting tickets for … skateboarding. Thanks to a skateboard-loving council-woman in Montreal, Canada, skaters might be free to skate around the city without fear of being punished. The woman is pushing to de-criminalize skateboarding on the streets and sidewalks of Montreal, citing that skateboarding is a “healthy, environmentally friendly form of transportation.” Currently in Montreal, skateboarding on public streets and sidewalks can get you a $60 ticket, but the Vraie Changement for Montreal party wants to kick that idea from the curb into the gutter, literally. Pierrefonds- Roxboro city council member Justine McIntyre will introduce tonight a motion to de-criminalize skateboarding on Montreal streets. True, her son has been stopped twice by police, without a ticket, but she’s getting sick and tired of seeing skateboarding caught up in the politics of crime and punishment. “What is the message that we want to give to our children?,” she told a Canadian newspaper. “The message that we’re currently giving them in school is that they need to be more active, so when they hear from an authority figure that they can’t be on their skateboards, there’s a huge contradiction and it makes them throw the whole thing into question.” Beanie caps off to this woman! We hope the rest of Canada and America, and the rest of the world, for that matter, take note.

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