Snowboarders Lose Fight Over Access to Alta Ski Resort

By on September 24, 2014

Back in the 1980s it wasn’t odd that a ski area would ban snowboarding. Most of the ski areas were run by skiers and they simply hated the upstart sport. But then things changed. More and more resorts opened their doors, and lifts, allowing snowboarders to ride along freely with skiers. And now, even with snowboarding an Olympic sport, a few resorts in the country have held off on snowboarding, keeping the snowboarding ban alive and well. Alta ski resort in Utah is one of them. They’ve never allowed snowboarders on their slopes. And a few years ago some snowboarders filed a lawsuit claiming they were being discriminated against. And today a judge tossed out the case, saying the private ski resort can ban whomever they want, which means, yes, snowboarders. The snowboarders could appeal in a circuit court but that might take too long and cost way too much money. Considering how many other ski areas allow snowboarding, it might just be a big waste of time. Alta … ha! Who needs it anyway?

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