How Snowboarding was ALMOST called Snurfing

By on October 15, 2014

Before snowboarding came along, there was snurfing. As the story goes, Sherman Poppen was living in the Great Lakes area and developed the first surfboard type thing for the snow in the mid 1960s. He built one for his kids using two 36-inch skis with a little leather strap over the top of them that kids could slide their boots into. His kids liked surfing on the snow and his wife later coined the activity as “snurfing.” After working out additional kinks in the design he sold the concept the Brunswick in 1970 who went on to sell a million units. By 1970 more than a million “snurfers” had been sold. By 1977 there was a snurfing contest and one of the competitors was a man called Jake Burton Carpenter, who was competing on his own board. He called his boards “snurfers.” Sherman didn’t like that one bit and so he filed a lawsuit against Burton, who then changed the name of his boards to Burton Snowboards and the rest is snowboarding history. Snowboards took over, everyone forgot that snurfers even existed and that’s that. That’s how snowboarding was almost called snurfboarding.

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