So Cal’s Biggest Wednesday Ever?

By on August 27, 2014

Big Wednesday. A famous movie, and now a swell that will forever go down in the So Cal history books as one of the biggest surfable days in recent history, if ever. Fifteen- to 20-foot waves slammed the coastline from Los Angeles to San Diego the evening of August 26, culminating with a heavy blow on Wednesday the 27th in what will surely be remembered by all who rode it.

At first light today you could tell something was different about this day. A mist hung in the air. A mist more common to places like the North Shore and Mavericks. A mist that beckons one to pull out their gun and give it a go.

Malibu, a broken pier piling and eight- to 10-foot surf. Seal Beach, flooded like it was the middle of winter. HB, unsurfable and scraping the bottom of the pier. Newport, booming with 25-foot surf at the Wedge and half the ASP/WCT surfing Point, in which many who were there said it looked more like Pipeline than anything else. Or Puerto. And it was heavy, at the Point in particular. One set cleaned up the field of visiting pros and locals alike, snapping leashes and breaking boards like they were twigs. Down the beach, red flag at 28th street, 32nd, 36th and things just got bigger the further north you went. 56th street, a few hardcores out but handling the 15- to 20-foot faces the best they could before being swept down the beach toward River Jetties.

Yeah, this was the biggest day I’ve personally ever seen, and although many old timers will say they’ve seen it bigger, I don’t think they have the photos to prove it. This swell has been well documented and I’m sure you’ll be seeing the photos from this benchmark day for years to come.

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