Surfing Legend to Bring Spain’s ‘Wave Garden’ to Hawaii

By on August 13, 2014

Bringing a wave pool to Hawaii is like bringing sand to the beach. You just don’t need to do it. But Brian Keaulana is a surfing legend and he can do whatever he wants. Like build a wave park. That’s right, the Oahu-born and raised Westside local is apparently not getting enough real surf these days, and what, with all the sharks and all, he’s doing something about it with his new endeavor Honokea Surf Parks.

Keaulana’s company has secured the U.S. rights to the technology used by the Wavegarden in Spain. Without crowds, flat spells, tidal shifts and most of all, the absence of sharks, the Wave Garden in Hawaii could be a really cool thing and the future of surfing in the Hawaiian Islands. The Wave Garden generates a perfect wave, sure, just don’t expect the Triple Crown to hold an event there any time soon. Or maybe they will. In this day and age, anything is possible.

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