Surfing World Says Goodbye to Another Legend

By on September 17, 2014

He was North Shore born and bred. He was globally loved. David “Kalani” Foster, brother of surfing icon Marvin Foster, passed away from cancer this past week and leaves a gaping whole in the island surf community that has already lost several legends in the past year, including artist Clark Takashima and Hawaiian surfing legend, Buttons Kaluhiokalani.

As one of the original “Heleiwa Surf Kids”, Kalani Foster graced the waves as much as he did the pages of the surf magazines. He gave his life to surfing, and though went through ups and downs and battled his own demons, always returned to the surf that literally saved his life all these years. Much like Buttons, he battled cancer until he simply couldn’t fight anymore. A paddle out has been planned on the North Shore, and as soon as we find out the time and place we’ll let you know.

Says one friend, Cindy Bolan-Galiza, “R.I.P. uncle David Kalani Foster you truly will be missed ! i want to thank you for making my aunty my dads sister truly one of the happiest women in the world just by you being in her life, and giving her amazing children & my bestfriend Eleni Galiza-Foster she means a lot to me, so i want to thank you so much, and thank you for teaching me how to ride motocross when since i was young and all the fun memories, you are an awesome uncle ! love leaves memories that no one can steal, you made an impact on a lot of lives & you forever will!”

DAVID KALANI FOSTER from Doug Walker on Vimeo.

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