Surfrider Celebrates 30th Birthday with T-Shirt Design Contest!!

By on August 22, 2014

During the last three decades Surfrider’s activist network of 250,000 people have been working tirelessly to protect special coastal places around the world—from cleaning our beaches and waters of debris, to fighting against irresponsible coastal development, unrestricted beach access and addressing the effects of climate change. From the Halls of Congress to your local beach break, Surfriders do not give up.

To celebrate, tomorrow we will launch the organization’s first-ever timeline online (here’s a sneak peek: and an opportunity for the public to submit a design for our 2015 membership tee (live tomorrow on

With more than 80 Surfrider chapters around the country holding special meetings and events over the next few months, please join the celebration by sharing this information. Encourage your audience to get involved, find a chapter in their community, and help protect our oceans, waves and beaches so we can enjoy them today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Feel free to give me a call for more information. I can put you in touch with any one of our fearless team members, from our CEO to your local chapter chair, to learn about the issues threatening our coasts and ways to help.

Surfrider’s work is critical. There are many opportunities to make a difference, but we need your support in spreading the word.

For our oceans, waves and beaches,

Katie Ferguson
Communications Manager
Surfrider Foundation
[email protected]

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