Tyler Wright Wins Roxy Pro France

By on September 29, 2014

Both surfers in the Roxy Pro Final had a lot to gain from a French event win. Tyler Wright’s campaign for a World Title would accelerate considerably. Courtney Conlogue, the only surfer in the Top 17 to miss events this season, is on the bubble for requalification, sitting in the 12th position on the rankings. A 10,000-point win would put her above the cutoff for 2015.

Wright used her radical maneuvers on the lip to earn two nine-point rides on back-to-back waves. Conlogue, looking for her first event win for the 2014 season, had to take big risks to try to overtake a near-perfect two-wave total.

With a comfortable lead, Wright went for a big air and slob grab, and rode out cleanly for another nine. She continued her tear with a 9.70, which only further improved her heat total. The Australian finished the Final with four nine-point rides.

“That was one of the best Finals I’ve ever been in wave-wise,” Wright said after her second event win of 2014. “It wasn’t a wave-catching contest, it was a wave-riding contest and that’s the way I love to surf.”

Result: Wright, 19.20, def. Conlogue, 12.43

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