Whatever Happened to the Skateboarding Twins?

By on October 7, 2014

They were a couple kids who had the world of skateboarding in the palms of their hands. By eight years old Tristan and Nic Puehse had a dozen sponsors and a video on You Tube with over six million views, that remains to this day one of the Top 5 viewed skateboarding videos in You Tube history. But just as they were getting ready to compete in the X-Games, they quit. Just like that. Their life as the most famous twin skateboarders came to an end. They traded their skateboards for tennis balls and racquets and never looked back. That was over three years ago. And what’s weird about it all is that they stuck to their guns. They quit a sport they had a lot of success in, a sport that put their names on the map. All for tennis. A little over a month ago they were featured on Good Day Arizona, and you can find that video below. Beneath that you can watch the original Puehse Twins skateboarding video that made them a household name. Weird enough?



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