Who the Hell is Felipe Toledo and Why is He So Freakin’ Good?

By on September 23, 2014

He seemingly came out of nowhere about four years ago, making Pro Junior finals along with the likes of John John, Kolohe Andino and Conner Coffin. But there was something different about this virtual unknown from Ubatuba, Brazil. He wasn’t as famous as the Miguel Pupo’s and Gabriel Medina’s of the world. But he was just as good. But this summer, something happened and Felipe was suddenly a household name in the world of surfing. He was the Vans US Open of Surfing. Not bad. Well, $100,000 is certainly not that bad. And then just last week he blew up in the Hurley Pro at Lowers, taking home the 2014 Hurley Innovation Award for boosting some of the sickest airs of the event. Currently he sits at #21 on the ASP/WCT world rankings but we have a feeling he’s got the momentum to jump up a few spots before the end of the year. Next year, top 10 for sure …. by the time he’s 25, yeah, Top 5 … and a world title before he’s 30. Quote us on that.

A little more about Felipe … he is the son of a fisherman and didn’t come from a lot of money. He really had to work hard to get to the level he’s at today. He has an older brother who got him into doing aerials when he was just ten years old. He used to watch videos of Jordy Smith and Dane Reynolds and surfers like that doing airs, and ironically, he’s doing airs ten times better than they ever have. Yeah, he’s got more air game than Dane Reynolds.

And so now Felipe is in a league of his own, surfing alongside the other Brazilians who have been taking the sport of surfing to new heights the past few years. Whether or not he wins a world title is anyone’s guess, but it wouldn’t surprise us.

Oh yeah, and he uses Fu Wax. Always has. Says Felipe, “Fu Wax is the best surf wax in the world.” Considering how glued he is to his stick, we might just have to agree.


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