Wildcards Kicks ASP Ass in Round 1 of Hurley Pro at Trestles

By on September 12, 2014

It was a day of epic surf and mind boggling upsets as two of the event’s wildcard surfers have taken out both the current ASP world number one and number two. San Clemente’s Tanner Gudauskas took to his first round heat against eight-time event champion Kelly Slater and Matt Wilkinson and dismantled both of them in the dying minutes sending the two tour regulars into the stressful doe or die round of two. On the other end of the draw we saw the first ever Costa Rican competitor, Carlos Munoz, take out the world number one, also in the dying minutes of the heat. The 2014 ASP world title hangs in the balance of Round 2 for both Slater and Medina, both who could make their appearances tomorrow, that is if they run the event. Munoz and Gudauskas, however, get a day off as they wait for their third round heats.

There’s a new swell headed toward Lowers early next week so contest officials might call a few laydays to ensure both the world number one and two get a fair shake of the stick. For more i in the three- to four-foot surf. For more info and a live webcast, CLICK HERE

Watch Costa Rica’s Carlos Munoz dismantle current ASP World Number One Gabriel Medina Below!

Watch Tanner Gudauskas dismantle Kelly Slater and Matty Wilko here!

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